Sermon Files - Christianity Basics

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25 Sept 2016

Sermon - You Can Do It - Nigel Irwin

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18 Sept 2016

Sermon - Meditating on Scripture - Josh Pound

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11 Sept 2016

Sermon - Devoted to Discipleship - Nigel Irwin

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4 Sept 2016

Sermon - Working for Dad - Nigel Irwin with Jonny Keene and Josh & Erana Pound

Please watch this video first: Francis Chan - How Not To Make Disciples.

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28 Aug 2016

Sermon - Running the Race - Nigel Irwin

Please open the sermon PowerPoint slides under Links.

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21 Aug 2016

Sermon - Relishing Rest - Nigel Irwin

Apologies - the end of the sermon was not recorded. Please open notes under Links for the missed content.

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14 Aug 2016

Sermon - Glorifying God - Nigel Irwin

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