Sermon Files - Nigel Irwin 2013

Below are MP3 files available for download or playing.

DateSermon TitleFormatDownloadSermon Notes
30 June 2013

Sermon - Risky Business - Nigel Irwin

MP3 file -7.3mb download button text button

9 June 2013

Sermon- Divine Direction -  Nigel Irwin

MP3 file- 13.3mb download button

19 May 2013

 Sermon- The Spirit Filled Church - Nigel Irwin

MP3 file - 11.6mb download button text button

12 May 2013

Sermon - The Mother Heart of God - Nigel Irwin (Mother's Day)

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31 March 2013 Sermon - The Curtain Conquered! Resurrection Sunday - Nigel Irwin
MP3 file - 12.7mb download button text button

17 March 2013 Sermon - Authentic Worship - Nigel Irwin
MP3 file- 7.7mb download button text button

17 Feb 2013 Sermon - Someone Loves You - Nigel Irwin
 MP3 file - 6.1mb download button text button  
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